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Kampe.com provides strategic, online marketing, media communication and information technology consulting and implementation services to small and medium-sized enterprises.

We help our clients in updating their business strategies to include the most appropriate and cost-effective information technology available.

We act as a link between buyers and providers. We assist in developing creative service offerings and innovations using the web and mobile technology.

We get business information across to targeted audiences. We make sure the work gets done using nearshore and offshore outsourcing.

Kampe.com is managed by Jonas Kämpe, M.Sc. CS and M.Sc. B.A. and located in Stockholm, Sweden.

Internet strategy, competitive analysis, online marketing, mobile business, web shop optimization and outsourcing

Research, strategic advice, business development, change [Go]

Information technology consulting and implementation services

Concepts, design, implementation, testing and outsourcing of Internet applications, Excel VBA, mobile technology, CMS, SEO [Go]

Swedish communication services: articles, documentation, translation, marketing, photo

Tailored IT training, tailored courses, product material, tech documentation, illustrations [Go]