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Swedish strategy consulting for IT, media and communication

In order to acquire accurate information about the business situation, management needs extensive research and intelligence networks, support in creating service offerings, and advice in selecting the appropriate technologies to get and communicate information.

Kampe.com provides a set of services to support management in a rapidly changing business environment.

Swedish marketing research and business development

We can help you research your target markets, perform localized market and competitive analyses, and upgrade your business strategy and marketing strategy to benefit from new innovations in information technology, and provide your company with market data. We can support you in decisions concerning outsourcing, Internet software, web site development, Excel VBA automation and macro development, and mobile solutions.

Swedish and Scandinavian supplier assessment and due diligence

We evaluate Swedish and Scandinavian businesses and technologies as part of supplier assessments and due diligence processes. We can help start-ups, small and medium-sized companies to improve their business models and profitability using the optimal suppliers

Software production and outsourcing

We provide aid to small and medium-sized companies in evaluating and selecting information technology partners, as well as managing the projects throughout the implementation process. Our model for small firm software offshore outsourcing guides can you to outsourcing success.

Kampe.com Strategy Publications

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